Aware that times have changed, at ARTIST we have also redefined the concept of “Art Fair”, bringing the artist and his work closer to the public in a setting where the traditional mediation barriers of the art market disappear. A stage that recovers the protagonism of the artist and that facilitates his closeness to the viewer. A revolutionary model of self-representation to achieve one of the objectives of the Fair: ART WITHOUT LIMITS.

1-4 JUNIO 2023

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/ Artist Digital Fair

Artist Digital Fair

We begin this new edition, with the revolution that involves two new projects: Artist Digital Fair and Artist Experience.

We are in a new reality, of confinements, in which we have to make an effort, in our great vocation, to be able to give notoriety and promotion to the artists, so as emergent, as consecrated, and Art Galleries, as well as to be able to help understand the contemporary Art, for all kinds of public also from their houses.

This is why we have created the new ADF platform. Artist Digital Fair, to use all the available and latest generation digital tools, to promote the artists and art galleries that feature the artist and get the much desired sale of the artworks.

As an artist, advertiser and founder of Artist Fair we know that art is very subjective and the road so arduous that the career of artists is, but we trust all the news of digital marketing to start with that notoriety, so necessary, that then translates into sales.

This program is billed independently of the face-to-face fair, but for artists interested in the December face-to-face edition, we offer free virtual exhibition and promotion on the web

For artists who want the active digital marketing program, it is billed separately. We continue with our “zero commission” philosophy. The artist or gallery sells directly to the public, without any intermediation on our part, creating that direct loyalty between client, artist or gallery.

“Bringing the artist closer to the public”

An expert committee will be in charge of evaluating the works of art to be included in the new program of the fair: Artist Digital Fair – ADF.

Here are some new features, included in the program ADF- Artist Digital Fair.

December 2020 Fair

Digital Dossier – ARTIST Experience

Open Dossier

Artist Virtual Exposition

We provide the artist and the art galleries with a virtual room where they can exhibit their pieces. The user/audience will be able to enjoy the artist's works in a virtual format by moving around and receiving the information as if they were in a physical exhibition through an interactive platform provided by Artist. These works will be exhibited by accessing them from scenarios that facilitate the implementation of art in their homes, companies and spaces. The platform is 100% responsive and can be accessed through all types of mobile devices. Below we offer several virtual exhibition formats for galleries and museums.

Active DIGITAL MARKETING specialized in artists and art galleries

Marketing and art are two concepts that have always gone hand in hand. Thus, a digital marketing strategy will never be successful without an artistic or creative component. Just as an artist will never be successful without a marketing strategy with pre-set goals and a roadmap.

The programming of the Fair: Artist Digital Fair – ADF, within the home-web page:, has a promotion of advertising campaigns in both online and offline media: PR, written and digital press, radio, television, etc.

Social Paid Media (SPM)

Through our advertising campaigns, we reach a target audience of more than 15 million people – with the potential to buy their works of art.

Artist offers its exhibitors, galleries and artists the possibility to benefit from its SPM/PCC digital marketing team. This team specialized in Art-marketing is composed of experts with the latest certifications in Google and networks such as: Facebook- Instagram… will be in charge of carrying out paid advertising campaigns in social networks, to promote and give notoriety to the artists and gallery who star the artists.

SPM campaigns will always be aimed at the artist’s target audience, giving special importance to sectors such as: architects, decorators-interiorists, antique dealers, art galleries, art lovers, art collectors, specialized magazines of the sector, etc.: our marketing team generates an interesting traffic of audience related to art, to redirect both the targets, whether the artist himself, as art galleries, both in the directions-networks of artists and galleries, as in Artist Digital Fair- ADF own media.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We use the resources of Artist’s different platforms on Social Media to offer each artist new channels to promote their work. The total number of our followers now exceeds 20,000 subscribers, which allows us to address a large audience and micro-segmented and related to our content, so we avoid barriers to entry.

Development reports and results

For the duration of the SPM/PCC campaign, the artist will be provided with a monthly report with the results of his digital marketing campaigns.  With reporters of interested people about their works of art, “On time”, to strengthen the direct sale. Attached are examples of some of the reports the artists will receive, which will include the following information:

Statistical segmentation of impact by target audience reached. Architects, art galleries, decorators, etc

Fans’ cities: Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Milan

Advice to the artist and Gallery

Choice of the best works of art, for sale.

The artist and gallery sell their works directly to interested customers.

Our ARTIST organization does not have any commission.

Within the program of the Artist Digital Fair-Artist Fair, there is both a virtual individual exhibition of each artist, as well as a “collective”, with the most representative works of several artists.

As a launch for the first artists, the ADF program, has a cost of 700 euros, for the two-month advertising campaign. For the artists and galleries attending the Fair in person, it will cost 500 euros, every two months.

At “Artist experience”, we offer solutions.