Aware that times have changed, at ARTIST we have also redefined the concept of “Art Fair”, bringing the artist and his work closer to the public in a setting where the traditional mediation barriers of the art market disappear. A stage that recovers the protagonism of the artist and that facilitates his closeness to the viewer. A revolutionary model of self-representation to achieve one of the objectives of the Fair: ART WITHOUT LIMITS.

1-4 JUNIO 2023

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ARTIST's team is made up of artists, with first-hand knowledge and proven experience in the entire cycle of artistic production, from the creative phase to the staging of major exhibition projects (institutional exhibitions, national and international fairs, etc.). Aware of the shortcomings of the market and the barriers it presents for all its actors, they decided to undertake an innovative experience that aims to democratize art, removing the invisible barriers that have placed it in a ``unreachable`` position for society and even for the artist himself.

The ARTIST Contemporary Art Fair is aimed at artists, galleries and groups working with painting, sculpture, drawing, experimental work, original graphics, photography, digital art and other visual disciplines. The registration process has begun, you can advance your data by filling out the registration form. Subsequently, the Artistic Selection Committee appointed by the ARTIST organization will be responsible for evaluating your proposal and deciding on its suitability to be part of the next event. You will receive a reply in a few days.

Places are limited

For Artists and Galleries.

6 days of fair

One more day for more notoriety.

Date of registration:

Until 28th September 2020 or Full capacity.


Premium Stand – 7-8 linear meters


Platinum stand – text stand, 5 linear meters


Basic stand – 3 linear metres


Artist Digital Fair – ADF: 500 euros for exhibitors with a stand / 700 euros for others.

2 months of advertising campaign, personalized off-line and on-line: networks and digital marketing: sector magazines, etc.

For established artists and emerging talents as well as galleries that feature the artist: ARTIST offers a week, in the magical month of December, where the biggest purchases of the year are encouraged, where you can see the works of art directly. The sale will take place without intermediation or commissions. It will be a unique opportunity to contact with collectors, galleries, general public as well as institutions or organizations interested in acquiring your work. The exhibition space can be adapted according to the specific needs and special requirements of the works to be exhibited (consult). From the organization we are already working and developing advertising and communication campaigns in media Off Line / On line and through social networks so that the fair becomes a success of attendance and recognition of the public, as well as new tools of virtual reality and digital marketing networks.

Additionally, during the phase prior to the fair you will have our assistance in the selection of the pieces, their arrangement in your space, as well as the necessary advice for your “staging”.

Benefits for the exhibitor:

  • Your work will be visible: in the weeks of the most magical and commercial month of the year: December.
  • Selling without intermediation: sales price without commissions or intermediation costs.
  • Relations and contacts: Introduce yourself and contact directly with the public, collectors, galleries, etc.
  • Advertising and communication campaign: in the media and through social networks.
  • Advice and support: from an organization that lives, feels and knows the “realisas” of the artist (we are also artists)

Request your participation

Si estás interesado en participar como expositor en ARTIST Feria de Arte Contemporáneo en futuras ediciones, rellena por favor el siguiente formulario. El Comité Artístico valorará tu propuesta y contactará contigo a la mayor brevedad para valorar conjuntamente tu propuesta.

Selecciona Feria y programa en el que desea participar*:
Premium StandPlatinum StandBasic StandArtist 2021 - Spring.Artist Digital Fair Program - ADF.Artist 2021 - Spring + Artists Digital Fair - ADF.

(1) If you do not have your own website or social network, please send us at photos of 3 representative works of yours (.JPG)

Garantía (pandemia)

La Feria se celebra en la Fundación Carlos Amberes. Se trata de un espacio público dotado con todas las medidas higiénicas y sanitarias en vigor establecidas por los organismos oficiales. Al tratarse de un espacio público, el riguroso control del aforo junto al distanciamiento social, además de contar con todas las medidas sanitarias que garantizarán la seguridad de nuestros expositores, visitantes y personas de nuestra organización, nos asegura que el desarrollo del evento con normalidad y plenas garantías. No obstante, ofrecemos a nuestros expositores plena garantía también sobre sus pagos, de forma que en caso de que la Feria no se pudiera celebrar en las fechas previstas, por decreto de alerta, prohibición de eventos o cualquier otra causa que impida el normal desarrollo del evento, devolveremos el importe abonado para su participación

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