Aware that times have changed, at ARTIST we have also redefined the concept of “Art Fair”, bringing the artist and his work closer to the public in a setting where the traditional mediation barriers of the art market disappear. A stage that recovers the protagonism of the artist and that facilitates his closeness to the viewer. A revolutionary model of self-representation to achieve one of the objectives of the Fair: ART WITHOUT LIMITS.

1-4 JUNIO 2023

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/ Artist Experience

Artist Experience

After the great success of the previous edition of ARTIST 2020 we have achieved one of the great objectives of the fair. We are talking about the human value that we have discovered, not only in the excellence of the works of art that speak in silence, but in all the artists that have lived together in a unique experience.

This experience has turned in to groups of new artists who met each other, who shared affinities and special moments; who became friends with proposals and new synergies, with the hope of collaborating together in future projects that promote their works of art.

The human and emotional dimension above and beyond material values is a principle that true art pursues. Artists are sensitive people who, if we open our barriers, express the best of the human being. The Art.

For this reason, every experience is a way to grow.

The organization of ARTIST promotes this initiative to understand that artists grow, not only as professionals, but as people.

Because at ARTIST we have discovered great people above the work of art, and because our vocation is to try to give notoriety to the artist and his works of art, both physically, with fairs in the best exclusive rooms, and digitally, with the best tools of current marketing, generating increasingly interesting experiences in a global project. So that the public can understand the excellence of Art.

“Every experience is a way to grow.”

At “Artist experience”, we offer solutions.