Aware that times have changed, at ARTIST we have also redefined the concept of “Art Fair”, bringing the artist and his work closer to the public in a setting where the traditional mediation barriers of the art market disappear. A stage that recovers the protagonism of the artist and that facilitates his closeness to the viewer. A revolutionary model of self-representation to achieve one of the objectives of the Fair: ART WITHOUT LIMITS.

1-4 JUNIO 2023

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II Edition


ARTIST Contemporary Art Fair offers a new horizon for artists who want to make their work visible in the national and international art circuits in an autonomous way, regardless of any kind of intermediation. In this way, we facilitate the collector and general public access to their work without the limits or barriers that exist in traditional spaces. An opportunity for your work to be recognized and valued without any limits.

ARTIST is oriented both to established artists and to new values that try to make their way in the artistic sphere in a versatile and plural scenario… as well as art galleries that star the artist.In this 2nd edition of Artist we have the news of the platform Artist Digital Fair- ADF and Artist experience, to give notoriety to the artists and art galleries, both at a face to face level with exclusive exhibitions, as well as in virtual platforms and active digital marketing, specialized in artists, so that all the public from their homes can enjoy art in the new reality we live.

ARTIST, therefore, is a global concept of promotion, to make artists and art galleries known at all levels. Supporting and providing them with the opportunities they do not find in the current “universe” of art.


A DIFFERENT approach...

ARTIST was born as a response to the difficulties that countless artists currently experience in the development of their professional careers. Experiences that, also as artists, are known by their own founder and the organising team of the Artist Fair, during their professional careers. The difficulty of entering the art market in a scenario where very few art galleries have survived, the impossibility of participating in fairs where only a few galleries have a place, the high costs of participating in alternative events... These are some of the many obstacles that hinder the complicated career of the artist today.

In “Artist experience”, we offer solutions.