Aware that times have changed, at ARTIST we have also redefined the concept of “Art Fair”, bringing the artist and his work closer to the public in a setting where the traditional mediation barriers of the art market disappear. A stage that recovers the protagonism of the artist and that facilitates his closeness to the viewer. A revolutionary model of self-representation to achieve one of the objectives of the Fair: ART WITHOUT LIMITS.

1-4 JUNIO 2023

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ART and all its forms provide quality, excellence, exclusivity and value. Linking your company’s image to ARTIST will not only contribute to a differential positioning of your brand, products or services through Art (Cultural Management), but it will also make your fair unique and different because of its uniqueness. Contributing to enhance the strategic marketing actions of your organization.

ARTIST also includes, as an added value in its exclusive sponsorship formula, the possibility of holding an event or commercial presentation in its exhibition space during the days of the fair (at no additional cost). A unique opportunity to present a new product, commercial line… or any marketing action required by your company.

Located in an exclusive area of Madrid as is the prestigious Barrio de Salamanca, the ARTIST Fair, is held simultaneously with the magical month of December, full of good intentions and gifts, obtaining good media coverage by not overlapping with other art fairs.

You will also enjoy the effectiveness and impact of the advertising elements and supports where your company or brand image will be placed: online and offline media, social media, the Fair’s catalogue, photo-call, media presence during the event, etc. A unique opportunity to present your company and its products through a distinctive event that will bring you the warmth and excellence of art, ensuring the return on investment in your sponsorship.

Additionally, the sponsorship, ARTIST, enables you (at no additional cost) an auditorium – conference room, with capacity for more than 100 people, reserved in the ARTIST exhibition space for the celebration of a corporate event of your company (marketing actions, presentation of new products, services and strategic marketing… ), in any day of the celebration of the Fair.

Notoriety of the company’s brand or logo, in digital marketing and networks, with advertising impacts of up to more than 250,000 people from target audiences related to the brand or company.


ARTIST Sponsors

ARTIST’s sponsorship offers you a new dimension in your relationship with the public, since in addition to your vision as a client, you identify the person as an art lover in his or her various disciplines. An opportunity to enrich your relationship with society, transmitting excellence, exclusivity and sensitivity to the values that art brings to the individual, to the whole of humanity, to your brand and to your company

The image of your company, brand or product will be projected through all the promotion actions of the Fair:

  • Media coverage and promotion on TV, radio, written press, digital media, advertising reviews in national media
  • Advertising promoted in the main digital platforms and specialized art platforms
  • Advertising promoted in the main Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, …)
  • Editing and publication of the fair’s catalogue (online and paper edition)
  • General and personalized invitations to general public, public institutions, collectors, art critics, media, etc.
  • Image of the fair in exteriors, posters, photocall, informative banners

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